Electronics Supply Chain Summit


Date: 10-01-2020 To 10-01-2020

Venue: Radisson BLU Hotel, Noida


For Details, please contact:
Rajesh Rawat | Cell: 9911445890 | E-Mail: rajesh@elcina.com
ELCINA House, 422 Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III
New Delhi 110020, INDIA

The National Electronics Policy 2019 has laid out an ambitious plan to bolster mobile manufacturing in the country to 1 billion units worth USD 190 billion by 2025, of which 600 million units are projected to be exported. Currently we manufacture Mobiles worth ~US$ 25 Billion. 
India has recently toppled Vietnam to become the second largest mobile phone maker after China. Thanks to the Phase Manufacturing Program (PMP), the country is home to 268 mobile phone assembling units and accessory manufacturers. Sustaining and growing this opportunity is vital for our industry.
Consumer Electronics is currently contributing in excess of US$ 11 Bn to electronics production while LED Lighting products are at US$ 2 Bn. Both these sectors are growing rapidly and offer significant manufacturing, design and equipment assembling opportunities in which India already has a substantial presence. Flat Panel displays, audio-video equipment and a plethora of new products are flooding the market with growing demand in India. Simultaneously, there is a huge export opportunity waiting for us which we must pursue aggressively.
Electronics Supply Chain Summit will provide an opportunity to all stakeholders to explore and benefit from these opportunities.