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ELCINA-IMRB Study on Media Consumption Patterns in ESDM Sector
Study Report
ELCINA-IMRB Study on Media Consumption Patterns in ESDM Sector - Survey
Technology Trends Matter Most

IMRB, on behalf of ELCINA, has conducted India’s first survey to assess media consumption patterns of different stake-holders within the Indian ESDM sector. The key finding of this survey is that Technology trends matter most to the stake-holders of this sector. "When asked to choose between the Tech Trends or Business Trends, 81% of the respondents chose Tech Trends", claims the report.

Another interesting fact that emerged was that 74% of the respondents believed that publications are the "preferred source to discover important topics", which they then find more about—through the web. These two findings clearly establish the domination of publications as mediums to influence the entire ESDM eco-system.

Publications remain a strong medium
  • 71% of the survey participants have indicated that they refer to magazines to collect information on electronics industry and technology
  • While internet search appears to be the most preferred source for collecting electronics information, magazine was the second most preferred source
  • 74% of magazine readers agreed that magazines/publications is the preferred source to discover important topics, and then they can get more details from the web
  • 81% of magazine readers find the need to discover key technology trends to be much stronger than discovering business trends
  • 84% of the magazine readers refer to printed magazines while rest have chosen only e-zine versions
  • Electronics for You (EFY), IEEE Spectrum and Electronics Bazaar are the top 3 publication brands that are referred for electronics content/information
  • While latest technology coverage and new product information have emerged as the top 2- most sought after content in magazines – 25% of the respondents stated "advertisements" as content they proactively seek
Online access emerging as a popular media to get electronics content
  • 86% of the respondents access online resources to get information they seek on electronics industry – mostly they perform search on search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • (61%), (34%) and (28%) are the top 3 websites referred for electronics-related content
  • 40% of respondents actively participate in online discussion/forums to share information on electronics industry/products
  • Facebook and LinkedIn are the most preferred social media platforms for sharing information related to electronics industry/products
Details About the Survey

This survey was instituted to IMRB by ELCINA—India’s leading electronics industry association, because there was a lack of quantitative information available on this topic. ELCINA believes that this survey will enable its members and industry at large, to connect with different stake-holders of the eco-system better. ELCINA has a very strong base of members from the ESDM sector and is well connected with the ESDM eco-system through its own platforms such as its directories, publications, events, newsletters, etc. ELCINA also connects with the eco-system by partnering with other event organisers, associations, and publications. IMRB conducted this survey over a period of 2 months, and was executed through telephonic and online interactions with various stake holders. Overall 367 respondents participated in this survey, which comprised of ESDM professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians, hobbyists/students, influencers or decision makers from related fields.

Conveying the objective behind this research, ELCINA President Mr Vikram Desai said “In our 50th year, we want to take up projects that are important for Indian electronics industry. One such project was to conduct a research to find out media consumption patterns of various stake-holders within the Indian electronics eco-system. We realised that this report will help all of us to review and improve our communication strategies, which in turn should enable the industry to grow faster. We have never seen such a report before and are gratified and pleased at having taken this initiative.”

Rajoo Goel, Secretary General ELCINA informs that “Everyone was looking for such a report—the government, the academia, the industry, our members and even the team at ELCINA. We all wanted to know the right medium to choose when targeting a particular audience. Thus, we instituted this independent study to IMRB—India’s leading research agency, with whom we have worked on various projects. And, we are delighted by the first such study they have helped us produce.”


Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA), is the oldest and largest industry association in India representing the interests of the Electronic Systems design & Manufacturing Industry since 1967. ELCINA has established itself as an interactive forum for electronics and IT manufacturers. ELCINA actively interacts with the government and advises it on policy and business environment issues. It networks with technical institutions and business support organisations in India and abroad to enable business expansion and information dissemination on technical developments. With greater liberalisation, ELCINA’s focus has shifted to professional and value-added services to the Electronics Community.

While ELCINA’s focus was originally on promotion of manufacturing components - the building blocks of the industry, ELCINA, now renamed as Electronic Industries Association of India, has widened its horizons and broadened its activities to include the development of entire Electronics and IT Hardware.

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