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Covid 19: AT&S Receives Orders For 15,000 PCBs Used in Medical Ventilators

  • AT&S is delivering these PCBs as a part of the national COVID-19 technology response team with the Mysuru ESDM members
  • The company mentioned that it has ensured total compliance with COVID-19 guidelines from Karnataka government
  • Medical ventilators are termed as essential electronic medical equipment to combat Coronavirus

AT&S India, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&S AG, has started the delivery of eight-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) as part of National COVID-19 technology response team with the Mysuru ESDM members to make ventilators for the Karnataka state requirement on top priority. The total projected demand for medical ventilators is around one lakh units.

“AT & S India is proud to join hands with the state of Karnataka and India in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. We have already started delivery on the required high-end eight-layer PCBs for emergency manufacturing program of ventilators. AT & S manufactured PCBs will facilitate life-critical ventilators to offer necessary interface between the health professionals and the machine that pumps oxygen, enabling COVID-19 patients to breathe,” noted Sunil Banwari, MD & COO, AT & S India.

The company has also announced making a contribution of Rs two million to the Karnataka chief minister relief Fund towards the state’s fight against the Corona pandemic.

AT&S supplies PCBs to many medical device makers

PCBs manufactured by AT&S are being sourced and used by many medical device makers around India. These include pacemakers, hearing aid, prostheses, implantable drug delivery systems, and many others.

Medical ventilators, as termed by medical practitioners around the world, are enlisted in the list of essential medical equipment to combat coronavirus. It is said that a lot of patients suffering from Covid 19 need to be put on the aid of medical ventilators.

“The state government of Karnataka has officially recognized AT & S India as part of Emergency Response Team for COVID -19 and a Provider of Essential Services in its fight against Corona virus in the state,” stated RS Simha, MD & CFO, AT&S India.

AT&S India informed that it is the first PCB company to operate during the countrywide Corona lockdown in country and deliver successfully on the life critical project. These ventilators are being manufactured in state of Karnataka with active support from the Government of India and a host of reputed organizations from both public and private sector.