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About ELCINA Investors’ Manual
The Electronics and the ESDM market is one of the key identified segments for a rapid growth in line with the overall objectives of the Government of India’s Digital India vision. This market currently valued at $ 100 billion is likely to touch $ 280 billion by 2020 at the current exchange rates and is likely to touch $ 400 billion by 2020.

Global interest in investing in this industry has never been so high with conducive ESDM policies and the nation preparing itself for a unified taxation regime under the GST. The Government of India through its specific ministry, The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has taken us some key steps to boost the Industry through its key objectives:

  •  e-Government: Providing e-infrastructure for delivery of e-services e-Industry: Promotion of electronics hardware manufacturing and IT-ITeS industry
  •  e-Innovation / R&D: Implementation of R&D Framework - Enabling creation of Innovation/ R&D Infrastructure in emerging areas of ICT&E/Establishment of mechanism for R&D translation
  •  e-Learning: Providing support for development of e-Skills and Knowledge network
  •  e-Security: Securing India’s cyber space
  •  e-Inclusion: Promoting the use of ICT for more inclusive growth
  •  Internet Governance: Enhancing India’s role in Global Platforms of Internet Governance.

Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) believes that the Government and the industry need to work together to stimulate manufacturing and catalyse an IT/Electronics boom that can contribute significantly to the development of India. Electronic Industries Association of India persistently works to facilitate changes that would strengthen India’s electronics and IT

This manual aims to answer most of the question an Investor may have on investing in the Electronics business in India. This will be a landmark document for aiding investments in the Electronics sector in India. ELCINA feels that getting a Handbook on Investments is ideal now, as there is considerable interest from many international as well as domestic firms / agencies are looking for investing in India

Objective of this Electronics Investors’ Manual
ELCINA is coming out with a “Hand Book” on the various issues which an investor would need to know for them to invest in the Indian Electronics Industry. The key objective of this “Hand Book” is to answer most of the basic questions an investor may have before investing in India, such as:

  • Why should we invest in India?
  • How is the Indian economy doing now?
  • How is the Electronics and ESDM sector in India now? How is the sector poised to grow?
  • What are the policies of the Central and various state government for investments related to the
  • Electronics / ESDM sector in India?
  • What investment options are available to us?
  • Which states do we invest in India? Why? Where should we invest in these states?
  • What are the key taxation related issues for this sector?
  • Whom should we contact to invest in India/ and in key states?
  • What Industrial Parks / Clusters / Zones do we need to invest in? Why?
  • What could be the typical rates for various aspects in investing in India? 

Target audience for this Electronics Investment Manual

The key target audience for such an investment manual are the following stakeholders:

  • Indian Firms / Entrepreneurs interested in investing in the Electronics sector in India
  • International firms interested in investing in the Electronics Sector in India
  • Banks / Financial Institutions / Private Equity & VC firms funding projects in the Electronic Sector in India
  • International agencies promoting investment of their firms in India in Electronics Sector
  • Various trade bodies, missions and representatives in India and in their countries
  • Indian missions abroad promoting Electronic investments in India

And many more…