Through Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Training Programs, Electronic Industries Association of India implements its agenda of Self Empowerment of its members. Electronic Industries Association of India embarked on Industry Self Empowerment Programmes (SEPs) in 1999 to fulfill the need of Indian IT/Electronics hardware and equipment and component manufacturing companies to meet the challenges of zero protection and operating in a fiercely competitive global business environment. In fact, Electronic Industries Association of India's member companies were the first in the country to face nil protection or zero customs tariff (i.e., ICs, Chip components, monitor tubes were placed at zero per cent customs tariff from March 2000). Several other product groups have been placed at zero customs tariff since March 2005. Hence, this sector is faced with challenges hitherto unknown to other sections of the Indian industry. Electronic Industries Association of India's collaborates with specialists, trainers and consultants to meet the most pressing needs of the electronics hardware sector.

Some of the important Workshops/Seminars conducted by Electronic Industries Association of India in the recent past include
  • RoHS & Lead Free Manufacturing
  • The Export Journey
  • Wake Up Call - Strategies for combating Global Competitive Challenges
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Benchmarking business practices of Electronics Hardware

The range of activities covered under Electronic Industries Association of India's SEPs are given below with a short description :
  • Environment Management System (EMS), Cleaner Technologies/processes coupled with ISO14000. Electronic Industries Association of India helps in awareness, certification, plant level practices and work with companies. Factory visits and successful case studies are also arranged.
  • Customer satisfaction developed for specific electronics/IT companies - working on customer satisfaction models and check lists with companies through resource persons for a time-bound period depending the need of the company
  • Competitive strategies for Electronics/IT manufacturing companies Using web-enabled tools (developed by Michel Porter promoted On The Frontier) and active factory and company level support
  • Benchmarking industry parameters and business practices for electronics/IT industry - Conducting Benchmarking Surveys and Workshops
  • Managing Family businesses - working with resource persons who are top notch experts in the field
  • Successful entrepreneurship and business models for the Electronics/IT manufacturers - Case studies & Experience Sharing
  • ISO9000-2000 certification - awareness, practice, certification and evaluation
  • Six Sigma - Black Belt and Green Belt - Electronic Industries Association of India runs awareness as well as extensive training programmes and awards certificates after a six sigma project submitted to Electronic Industries Association of India by a company is ratified by experts. Significant cost reduction and improvement in bottomline have been reported by companies undergoing six sigma projects.