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Everest Introduces New Features in IMS 5.0 To Help Telcos in TRAI Compliance

Everest IMS version 5.0 can serve as an effective and scalable network traffic analysis solution by providing faster reporting and rich data analysis

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd, an Indian software product firm specialised in providing solutions for IT infrastructure, ITSM and IoT space, has introduced new features in its flagship product IMS version 5.0. This will help its clients from internet service provider (ISP) and Telecom sectors to comply by the rules and regulations put down out by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Earlier this year, Everest has introduced an upgraded version of Everest IMS, with new and improved built-in global features to intelligently ‘map-manage-monitor’ the IT infrastructure by way of a unified platform.

Benefits for Telcos/ISPs

After understanding the rules and regulations laid down by the telecom regulatory body – TRAI, the company has launched new features in IMS version 5.0 for benefitting the telecom companies and ISPs by accessing and storing the system calls logs for longer periods of time.

Speaking on the development, Satish Kumar V, CEO, Everest said, “Evolution from analog to digital technology has facilitated the conversion of voice, data and video to digital formats. This also urged our government to raise the bar of security standards. With the recommendations of TRAI on security and accessibility issues, TRAI has stipulated few regulation mechanisms for telecom companies and ISPs.”

“According to National Telecom Policy 2012, every telecom service provider as well as ISP should store the system call logs for a specific period of time and should be accessed by TRAI officials at any time for investigation purpose. In case of overruling the regulations by the service providers, can attract hefty fines,” he informed.

He further stated, “Considering the regulatory policies set by TRAI, we at Everest have introduced extended features in Everest IMS 5.0, which offers high performance stream processing of network traffic patterns and deep visibility into security attacks to benefit ISPs and telecom companies. It also assists in pulling out the customer call logs by agency officials without the intervention of ISP or telco personnel.”

Rich data analysis

Everest IMS version 5.0 can also serve as an effective and scalable network traffic analysis solution in the technology market by providing faster reporting and rich data analysis that can be accessed from any location. Telecom service providers and ISPs will greatly benefit from this as they can equip themselves with hassle-free monitoring and can gather network traffic data flow faster and accurately.