A Study on Opportunities and Challenges in Strategic Electronics in Aerospace & Defence Sector with Focus on MSMEs



Indian Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector is one of the largest markets globally and likely to grow further at a fast pace due to large scale modernization of defence forces. Requirement during 2012 to 2017 period is pegged at over INR100,000 crore. 

These requirements are primarily being met through imports, but new policy initiatives are focusing more and more on 'Make in India' through offset provisions, relaxation of norms for foreign equity participation, JV norms, etc. This presents a big opportunity for companies in India as well as from abroad. Task is to map the possibilities by understanding the scenario to find a right fit. 

This study is a must read for long term players in the Indian A&D market. Besides providing details on policy provisions by various government entities involved in procurement, this study provides insights into the Indian Defence Electronics eco-system in India enlisting challenges as well as opportunities, current capabilities, spending, stakeholders in the scenario and how the strategic electronics scenario is shaping up. The study will serve as a guide for companies interested to participate in the Indian A&D market, with experiences from current participants in the market. Government has also issued a 15 roadmap for procurement. This has also been analysed in this study to map opportunities for Land, Aviation, Maritime, Communication, Control and Combat systems.